2019 Mustang GT Coupe – Cquartz Finest

Looks at that gloss after Dr. Detail works his magic, getting this beauty ready for the world’s most exclusive paint protection coating, Cquartz Finest Reserve. Cant wait to see the final results.

2019 Mustang GT Coupe 5.0 manual in for full paint correction and ceramic coating. This Australian new car was hail damaged and shipped to Auckland for certificated repair work and a full repaint. The paint has blemishes through the colour, dust nibs and signs of repair “shrink back’ where there are signs of scratches etc. Currently part way through a full colour sand and paint correction to remove the paint faults and return the finish back to a very high standard then 2 x coats of CarPro Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating on top to lock in all the gloss for a minimum of 3 years plus. – Dr Detail
Update – This Mustang is currently IR curing after CarPro Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating after 30 hours of paint correction and ceramic coating including CarPro DLUX ceramic coating on the rims and exterior textured plastic trim. – Dr Detail