Burgerfuel Detail

Shay’s Auto Valet | Groom & Detailing + BurgerFuel

The team at Shay’s have been meticulously working on maintaining the entire BurgerFuel Classic Car fleet, in Auckland, for a while now.

These iconic vehicles represent the essence of BurgerFuel. The company’s identity is reflected in these vehicles and Shay and his brother use the CarPro lineup to truly make these classics shine! Be it for when the cars need to be prepped for a rally, car show or even pampered, just before storing them in covers for the long term!

The CEO of BurgerFuel and his Executive Assistant ( who is responsible for the classics) are extremely happy with the end results and they have even gotten Shay’s to work on their own vehicles too! A breeze for CarPro’s finest range of car care products!

Favourites include Reset for a wash, EliXir as a QD / drying aid; Reload as a Sealant; Multi X as an APC and Inside for Leather! PERL is the other versatile product loved by Shay and Co!

Shay’s Auto Valet | Groom & Detailing


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