Mini Countryman Cooper S – CQuartz Finest Reserve

Better than new finish from Dr Detail for this Mini, protected with CarPro Finest Reserve Paint protection coating.

Mini Countryman Cooper S in Melting Silver with a Jet Black roof and rails. Full paint correction following wet sanding P8000 Trizact to break through the heavy hard water spotting followed by installing CarPro CQUARTZ Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating and Flyby and DLUX over the paint, glass, and full plastic exterior trim and tailpipe tips. Every inch of the exterior goes through an Infra-Red curing process and we always hold the client’s car overnight to maximize the curing and hardness and then install a light Silca Sealant over the top to lock in the gloss. Not a car you see on the road in big numbers this is a cool example. – Dr DetailĀ