Porsche Boxster S – Detail

THAT GLOSS, So amazing! But that’s what we expect from the team at Shay’s Auto Valet : Premium Detailing. Great work team, always a pleasure to work with you.

“Exteriors : This absolutely beautiful Boxster received our comprehensive exterior “decontamination detail” + Paint enhancement protection package.
A thorough exterior wash, followed by iron and fallout (chemical) decontamination, mechanical decontamination, single stage paint enhancing polish and finally coupled with the world class Reload Ceramic (SiO2) Sealant. Interiors : The interiors were treated to a thorough detail and the leather, vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces were protected with a beautiful water based SiO2 protectant – CarPro PERL. This product which levels out to reveal a factory-finish look, leaves behind a layer of UV protection: It protects against high grade UV degeneration while maintaining the supple feel and original colour of treated surfaces.” – Shay’s Auto Valet.