Shay’s Auto Valet with BMW and LADI6

Shay’s Auto Valet | Groom & Detailing got to work with BMW and LADI6 on a photoshoot.

The team at Shay’s Auto Valet | Groom & Detailing had the honour and pleasure of being called in to detail and prep this beautiful BMW 1; Another proud moment for us, as, We were called in to detail this brand new BMW M140i for a joint photo shoot, featuring New Zealand music talent + BMW NZ + Spotify NZ ! Obviously using the best CarPro has to offer! Once detailed, we maintained the finish with none other than EcH20 and EliXir (complete trend-setters and game-changers !!)

We’re putting CarPro on the forefront of detailing here in NZ too! Great support from the enthusiastic team @ CarPro NZ !

The car received an exterior detail prior to entering the studio facility. After which our team were also on-site to make sure the paintwork and exterior remained as pristine as possible.

The clients were extremely happy with our results, and our service delivery and they were stoked to see the beautiful blue paint gleam beyond their expectations! The car wasn’t in the best of conditions before we worked on it. (It wasn’t sitting in the showroom; but had been driven around everywhere, and had bug guts, tar, traffic film and other contaminants all over it.) Since professional D/SLR cameras capture every last detail, we had to make sure every such detail was looked at!

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